Pure Gesterart

Gesterart team

Esther Batanero

Gesterart founder, started this project as fond of crafts.

She is responsible for the creative part, design and production as well as the final customization of products.

Antoni Torrens

Joins Gesterart to help Esther to change the strategy of the company.

Responsible for management and design and production of the main technological parts of the company.


What we want?

We want that every time you touch our products you realise that they've been made specially for you and not for someone else, that you feel that the gift you've done or have received is special and makes you feel special.

what we don't want?

You feel that you lost your money in our products. Our main goal is to know that our customers are thoroughly satisfied.


To all those who appreciate good work and exclusive products.

And those who think their beloved ones and themselves deserve the best.